Ready to use specialized machines

Ready-to-use offer

Equipment specifically designed for various markets and their packaging applications: 

  • Eco-designed 
  • Operator friendly
  • Optimized footprint
  • Monobloc and modular conception


Vertical packaging

The energy-efficient steam technology offer for full body and partial decoration of soft drinks, wines & spirits, dairy , home and personal care products
The infra-red/ hot air offer for security and promotion of beauty, pharmaceutical, food, hygiene products, and drinks and wines & spirits
The hybrid infra-red/ hot air offer for full body decoration of pharmaceutical, beauty, food products, and objects

Horizontal Packaging

The infra-red offer for beauty, pharmaceutical, confectionary, products and objects
The hybrid infra-red/ hot air offer for full body and partial decoration of beauty, pharmaceutical, confectionary products and objects


Personalization and decoration, with a modular equipement associated with steam technology

Combisteam® FB80 -70

The equipment for the full body decoration of complex shapes' products

Combisteam® FB400 -AI200

Aseptic food products' labelling in a wet environment at high speed

Combisteam® FB200 -AI300

Decoration rhymes with eco-design for the still and sparkling wines markets


Security of packagings and objects with horizontal application and infra-red technology

Multiflexshrink® TE80 -AI15

Protect and secure small cosmetics, personal care and beauty products

Multiflexshrink® TE130-AI20

Tamper evidence for small food formats and household products

Multiflexshrink® FB80 -AI5

An innovative offer for full protection and personalization of small objects

Multiflexshrink VS TE200 -AI20

Flip top caps capsules: Ensuring turnkey security


Security and promotion , associated with hot air technology

Combishrink® MP120 -AI35

Boost your sales by offering bundles with an rPET sleeve

Combishrink® TE150- AI25

Carafes, glass bottles, special packaging, secure your products

Combishrink® TE150- AI35

For food, home care,personal care and pharmaceutical markets, everything is designed to ensure that tamper evident is visible to the consumer


Labelling and personalization with hybrid infra-red/ hot air technology


Security and personalization of packagings and objects with horizontal application and infra-red/ hot air technology