The Combisteam Decoglass FB200 packaging machine is a modular equipment for your packaging and labelling operations of Glass recipients
Combisteam® FB200 -AI300

Decoration rhymes with eco-design for the still and sparkling wines markets

  • A finishing solution for wines leaving the cellar
  • A flexible technology that offers freedom of glass shapes and volumes
  • A modular machine, built for medium and high production rates
  • An eco-responsible offer to help you become carbon neutral     


Glass Bottles entering into the shrink tunnel for the shrinking of the Sleeve label
Cleaning, drying before finishing and labelling

Cleanliness and finishing: a guarantee of quality for your wines

A machine built to meet the constraints of wine packaging, suitable for filled, corked and capped bottles coming out of the cellar. Units ensure that the bottles are clean and dry at the entrance and exit of the finishing process, in order to guarantee the quality of the finish. 

Glass bottles are correctly aligned and oriented by the grouping screw before receiving the Shrink Sleeve label
Modular quick-set tools

Format change flexibility: a priority for your productions

Take advantage of the maximum range of volumes, from 20cl to 1.5l, and the freedom of glass shapes, which represent your terroir and the maturation of your wines: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne, ... 

The compact and modular monobloc machine can be adapted to fit your production needs and speed
Modular applicator head and shrink tunnel

We have made modularity the secret of your performance

This compact, all stainless steel monobloc machine can be enhanced with different modules to meet your productivity needs, from 4,000 to 12,000 bottles/hour. 

Sleeved Glass Bottles entering into the shrink tunnel
A steam shrinking tunnel with controlled energy

We strive for carbon neutrality with an eco-responsible offer

This machine has a unique and patented technology, equipped with a lifting ang lowering system. Its shrinkage chamber can be adapted to every format. We recycle part of our energy and minimize consumption. 


A camera-based Sleeve orientation module allows the shrink label to be correctly positioned according to the desired and configured alignment
Camera orientation module

Your decor oriented to the glass parting line

Vision cameras combined with an orientation module ensure the correct positioning of the glassware before the sleeve application station. We take into account the specificities of your bottles (management of glass seam lines, embossing, reliefs, glass beads...). 

An automatic control and ejection device ensures the conformity of products' packaging
Control and ejection system

A controlled checkpoint without accumulation

We have combined evolving control systems with cells and cameras to guarantee the quality of the product at the end of the packaging line. We have favored a progressive finger ejector combined with a non-accumulating conveyor to ensure the integrity of your bottles. 

A drying module ensures the removal of impurities on the surface of your bottles before the application and shrinking of the Sleeve labels
A drying module with reduced energy consumption

A quality finish with efficient drying

With a welded design, a fan system combined with adjustable nozzles provide a streak-free drying quality, which is adapted to every package size. 

A mobile tool trolley allows to secure and organize the tools necessary for the production
Mobile tool trolley for the proximity and security of your tools

To optimize your format changeover times

The mobile tool trolley is designed to store your format sets. Mobile, and positionned neaby the machine, it offers a quick and easy access during your changeover operations. 


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A Packaging equipment including a Sleeve shrink label applicator head and a shrink tunnel


Conveyor height 980 mm +/- 50mm
Speed From 50 to 200 bpm
Cutting diameter From 30 to 100 mm
Steam consumption 80 - 300 Kg/h
Steam pressure 6 to 8 bars
Electrical consumption 9 kW/h
Machine length 6400 mm
Packaging Shapes of Glass Bottles and Decanters in the Wine and Spirits Market


Materials Glass
Shapes Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, complex shapes
Sizes From 20cl to 1.5L
Products diameter From 45 to 98mm
Products height From 188 to 371 mm
Wine and Spirit's products' Containers' Shapes


Applications Finishing, full body
Type of films PET, RPET,...
Films thickness From 40 to 90 microns
Finishing Neutral, printed, special effects...


Packaging shape of champagne magnum size
Champagne magnum size
Packaging shape of still wines 25cl
Champagne 25cl
Champagne - sparkling wine
(20 cl - )
Packaging shape of champagne
Champagne  bottle
Champagne - sparkling wines
(75 cl)
Packaging shape of liquor 70 to 75cl
Liquor 70 to 75cl
Creams & Liquors
(70 cl - 75 cl)
Packaging shape of gin 70cl to 75cl
gin 70cl  à 75cl
(70 cl - 75 cl)
Packaging shape of rhum 70cl to 75cl
rhum 70cl to 75cl
(70 cl - 75 cl)
Packaging shape of still wines 75cl
Still wine of Bordeaux 75cl
Still wine
(75 cl)
Packaging shape of still wines 70cl to 75cl
Burgundy still wines 70cl
Still wine
(70 cl - 75 cl)
Packaging shape of still wines 70cl to 75cl
Alsatian wines 70cl
Still wines
(70 cl - 75 cl)
Packaging shape of vodkas 70cl to 75cl
vodkas 70cl to 75cl
(70 cl - 75 cl)
Packaging shape of Whiskies 70cl to 75cl
Whiskies 70cl to 75cl
(70 cl - 75 cl)