Conceptualisation and Design on an Interactive Interface


Strive for interactivity with your consumers, in the form of an ever closer and more personalized connection. Offer them increasingly immersive experiences with your products, while allowing them to feel safe.   Products and equipment must be interactive from the outset to meet the needs of brands.


Smartphone scanning of a product's barcode on a supermarket shelf

Create a consumer experience with your packaging

Express your brand's sensory identity with sleeves and immerse the consumer in a unique relationship with the product that is built around delayed differentiation, with a multiple, interactive, and secure digital experience. 

A Guaranteed Interactivity between the Packaging Machines and Sleeve Label products reinforces the Maintenance Processes and ensures a strong traceability capability

Interactive equipment and products for the diversity of your markets

A virtual link is created between shrink-sleeve and equipment: they bring comfort to line operation, they reinforce predictive maintenance, they structure the identity of your products through traceability and serialization.