The environment at the heart of Sustainable Developments

Recyclability & Circularity

The ecological transition is the inevitable evolution towards a new model of sustainable development based on the circular economy. It includes eco-design, collection, sorting and recycling.


Use recyclable plastic materials to prioritize environmental solutions

Eco-designed packaging that fits into the circular economy and allows for enhanced recyclability.

Shrink-sleeve labels have become the strong link in the circular economy: thanks to their compatibility with the process stages, they allow for the packaging to be inserted into the right recycling channel. They thus play a key role as a facilitator while preserving the sensory identity of the brand. We have been involved in the research and development of circular economy products for 15 years. Recognized as innovative by market leaders (APR in the USA, EPBP in Europe), our products are certified and comply with guidelines.

Shrink Sleeve label Applicator and Shrink Tunnel equipment designed to support our customers' ecological transition

Machines that accompany the circularity of packaging

Eco-design, recyclability, carbon neutrality; markets expect clear and controlled solutions. The packaging machine offer needs to be redesigned: minimalist, ergonomic, and above all, carbon neutral.
That is our commitment.