Diversity of Complex Bottle and Container' Shapes


Adapting quickly to changes in your consumers expectations and new market contexts: products and equipment must be designed with agility in mind to meet those permanently evolving needs.


Reinforce the visual identity of your products with a Shrink Sleeve Label packaging that adapts to all bottle shapes

The diversity of shapes and designs of your packaging to give a new visual dynamic to your products, whether permanent or ephemeral

Shrink-sleeve allow for a unique and immersive relationship with your consumers and give the packaging a strong sensory identity. They have become agile and can adapt to their new expectations:  information, communication, security, promotion.   

An Agile Packaging Equipment to fit your diverse productd' needs and Labels' sizes

Agile equipment for the diversity of your packaging

They are adapted to different materials, shapes and formats as well as to the sizes of your production campaigns, without compromising on performance and finishing quality. They are the solution for late customization and last mile logistics. They offer your brands flexibility, agility and reactivity to meet the expectations of modern commerce.