Sustainable Growth Partners

Partners of a sustainable growth

We collaborate with professional associations and have developed partnerships to achieve higher standards, and ensure a sustainable growth.


The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) and Petcore Europe

A full commitment with experts of our businesses, to accelerate and develop the flows of circular economy

  • APR: the association of Plastic Recyclers for USA and the Americas
  • PETCORE EUROPE : representatives of the complete PET Value chain in Europe
  • EPBP (European PET Bottle Platform): offers design and conception guidelines to promote PET bottles recycling, and packaging solutions assessment tools. 
Federation SYMOP, Adepta and the ABMI Association of beverage Machinery industry

An active collaboration with packaging stakeholders, to face tomorrow's industry challenges

  • SYMOP: Member of the Mechanical Industries Federation (FIM)
  • ABMI (Association of the Beverage Machinery Industry): develops quality , security, efficiency and sustaibaility driven for packaging machines
Certification for Sleever by Recyclass certifying the PCR origin of the Shrink Sleeve Labels

Recyclass & Sleever® : The 1st French Sleeve label company to be certified

Recyclass (Initiative of the association of European recyclers PRE - Plastics Recyclers Europe) is an organization which gathers the actors of the value chain on a European scale. Many brands, including several of our customers, are members of Recyclass, which is now recognized by European eco-organizations and US recyclers.

We are very proud of this RecyClass certification which accompanies the development of our new products integrating 30% PCR, to reinforce the circular economy flows, and thus allow brands to reach their commitments in terms of sustainable development.

Sleever's commitment in this field is constant, to accompany our customers in accelerating their ecological transition.


Operation Clean Sweep: prevent the loss of plastic pellets into the environment

"Zero pellet loss: Sleever is a partner in the "Operation Clean Sweep" program, which aims to prevent the loss of plastic pellets into the environment.
To achieve this goal, we have improved the configuration of our production facilities and have established and published procedures to achieve this goal. We have trained our teams in the prevention, containment, cleanup and elimination of pellet losses, and we regularly audit performance. Finally, we have integrated our partners, subcontractors and transporters into the same process to achieve this goal.