An eco-designed solution for medical device packaging

Long-term treatments for diabetes, asthma, etc. are moving from the hospital to the patient's home, with devices such as injection pens, inhalers or nasal sprays. For laboratories, the challenge is the eco-design of these devices made up of multiple parts and materials.

An eco-designed solution for your medical devices

A smart label that qualifies recyclability streams

By offering material compatibility, the Medwear® smart label product facilitates the sorting and recyclability of medical device packaging. 
The integral packaging offered by the sleeve technology is enriched by specific printing technologies that meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, in terms of font size and Braille printing.
This technology also ensures the traceability required by the industry through the inclusion of dedicated markers such as serialization. 

A machine offer for a global solution

To implement Medwear®, we have developed a compact and modular equipment, which meets the pharmaceutical specifications, to dress and label your medical devices.
This equipment ensures the traceability required by the industry and integrates a hot air shrink technology adapted to these products.