Multiflexskinner machine
Multiflexskinner LDPET® FB-TE 80 AI 22

Enter the circular economy with full-body labels for your small PET packaging

  • Ultra compact machine for decoration and protection, guarantee of first use and traceability of products in food, beauty and  health.
  • Flexibility in all its forms: multi-material, multi-format 
  • Well designed ergonomics for easy use by the operator
  • A unique shrinking technology that allows the use of new shrink-sleeve labels, to reduce energy consumption and facilitate the integration of packaging in the circular economy.



drawers module
Flexibility for limited series and frequent changes

A design that promotes flexibility and facilitates format changeover

Flexibility in all its aspects to manage packaging of multiple shapes, sizes, weights and materials, to easily change from a round to a square box of confectionery, from a mascara to a lipstick, from a round vial to a medical device, from a pen to a felt-tip pen or brush. Each format has its own dedicated tooling that can be changed in situ without adjustment. The conveyor carriers can hold several product shapes and are easy to change with no tooling required. The format is stored in the two drawers of the machine for easy access.

HMI easy use and safety
A machine designed for the operator, their safety and efficiency

Ergonomic design and intuitive interface for easy operation

The 360° rotating HMI allows the operator to work either on the left or on the right side of the machine and can memorize up to 20 pre-set formats. On each side, a single transparent housing provides a perfect view of the interior and its wide opening gives direct access to the full production process. It is easy to change the gripping tips of the product rotation system or to control the shrink applicator. 

Horizontal application of small products, held in clamps, under the shrink tunnel
Multiflexskinner shrink technology

A unique finishing quality to enhance your products

A continuous motion rotary system prevents the products from coming into contact with the conveyor belt.There is a preheat module to prepare your product. The infrared shrink applicator and the hot air nozzle guarantee the quality of shrinkage and finishing. The product gripping tips are removable and can be adapted to different shapes (round, square, oval) to ensure a good shrink result. This technology can use shrink-sleeve of last generation to reduce the energy consumption and allow the packaging to integrate the flows of the valorized recyclability.

Multiflexskinner®  FB-TE80 -AI22 machine
An ultra-compact all-in-one horizontal installation concept, in line or off line

Equipment designed for an optimized work space

An all-in-one concept that allows decoration or security and traceability for unstable products, in small sizes, with horizontal application and is equipped with an adapted preheating and infrared shrink technology and hot air nozzle. This ultra-compact equipment is designed to operate in line or off line.


coding module
Coding systems to meet your different traceability needs

Coding module required for traceability in the supply chain

The coding module allows brands to meet their traceability requirements for the distribution of their products, regardless of the chosen method of distribution, either for supermarket or online sales. The printing technology is adapted according to the customer's request.

adhesive label application  module
Adhesive labels for personalization

Labelling solutions for supply chain traceability

This module can be positioned at the infeed or outfeed of the machine, and can be used to add a label or adhesive labels. It offers brands the flexibility of a personalized label for each brand and or by type of distribution channel.

automatic loading module
An adapted product supply in line or off line

Loading solutions for all types of products

Infeed wheels and various loading modules designed for your products are available for inline or off line loading to suit your needs.

A large reel unwinder to ensure the continuity of the production
A large capacity sleeve unwinder

Bring autonomy to the operator for more flexibility

A large capacity shrink-sleeve unwinder adapted to large production runs means the operator is not frequently changing reels, so they have more flexibility for other tasks. 


* Non contractual information
Equipment for the horizontal  application and shrinking of the Sleeve label on small Beauty and Make-up products


Conveyor height 920 mm
Speed 80 - 100 cpm
Compressed air 6 bars
Electrical consumption 7 to 22 kW / h
Machine length 3700 mm
Packaging Shapres for products in the cosmetics, make-up and beauty market


Shape Cylindrical, square, special
Product diameter 4 - 50 mm
Product lenght 65 - 150 mm
Materials Glass, PET, HDPE, PP, Metal
Observation of the application and Shrinking Sleeve Label with secure micro-perforation


Application full body - partial sleeve - tamper evidence
Type of film PET, RPET, TPEG
Film thickness 20 - 75 microns


Shape of battery 20g
Battery 20g
Packaging shape of chewing-gums 15 to 50g
Chewing-gums 15 to 50g
Confectionary products
(15 g - 50 g)
Packaging shape of ophtalmic liquid 10ml
ophtalmic liquid 10ml
Eye care
(10 ml)
Packaging shape of make-up pencil 1.2 to 1.7g
Make-up pencil 1.2 to 1.7g
Eye make-up pencil
(1,2 g - 1,7 g)
Plastics, Metal
Packaging shape of make-up pencil 1.2 to 1.7g for tamper evidence
Make-up pencil 1.2 to 1.7g tamper evidence
Eye make-up pencil
(1,2 g - 1,7 g)
Plastics, Metal
Shape of lighter
Lighter labelled with a Shrink Sleeve packaging
(20 g - )
Packaging shape of lipstick 3g to 5g
lipstick 3g to 5g
(3 g - 5 g)
PP, PE, Plastics, Metal
Packaging shape of lipstick 8g to 11g
lipstick 8g to 11g
(8 g - 11 g)
PP, PE, Plastics, Metal
Packaging shape of Mascaras & Eye-liners 8ml to 11ml with tamper evidence
Mascaras & Eye-liners 8ml to 11ml with tamper evidence
Mascaras & Eye-liners
(8 ml - 11 ml)
Packaging shape of Mascaras & Eye-liners 2,5ml to 5ml
Mascaras & Eye-liners 2,5ml to 5ml
Mascaras & Eye-liners
(2,5 ml - 5 ml)
PP, PE, Plastics
Packaging shape of nail-polish 7ml
nail-polish 7ml
Nail polish
(7 ml)
Packaging shape of pen 10g to 20g
pen 10g to 20g
Writing supplies
(10 g - 20 g)