Sleever receives Recyclass' certification for its sustainable Shrink Sleeve Label

Recyclass: Sleever, the 1st company in the shrink-sleeve label world to be certified in Europe

Sleever, the 1st player in the shrink-sleeve label world to be certified in Europe by Recyclass

This certification is a proof of responsibility and trust between Sleever and the brands: they can thus respect their voluntary commitments in terms of Environmental Responsibility, comply with regulations and obtain environmental certifications themselves. 
It also allows them to meet their consumers' demand for transparency regarding the design of their packaging and its impact on the environment. 

What are the benefits of using PCR recycled material? 
Our eco-designed sleeves labels contain at least 30% and up to 50% post-consumer recycled material (PCR), whose origin and percentage are certified by Recyclass. This study was conducted for the year 2021, and includes our processes and suppliers. 
In this way, we are reducing the use of virgin plastics, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint of our customers' packaging, and reinforcing circular economy flows.
Our eco-designed product offer 

We offer brands eco-designed shrink-sleeve labels, whose material includes 30% certified PCR, for multiple applications: decoration and personalization with full or partial labels, security with tamper-evidence products and first opening guarantees, promotions with value-packs... They are aimed at all our markets and their specificities. 

Eco-design is combined with high standards, in compliance with specifications and the level of quality expected by our customers. 

At the initiative of the association of European recyclers PRE (Plastics Recyclers Europe), Recyclass is an organization which gathers the actors of the whole value chain on a European scale. Many brands, including several of our customers, are members of Recyclass, which is recognized by European eco-organizations and US recyclers.

Recyclass aims to help brands and converters to improve the eco-design of their plastic packaging. To this end, the organization has developed evaluation methodologies and certification of the recyclability of their packaging.