CFIA 2023: our solutions for the ecological transition and the 3Rs, by E. Fresnel

Accelerating the ecological transition of packaging with shrink-sleeve technology? This is a reality that goes beyond the received ideas, with solutions shrink-sleeves labels and equipment that presented Eric Fresnel, President of SLEEVER, to Fabrice Peltier at the CFIA show in Rennes. as part of the Forum 3R Pack solutions. 
Solutions dedicated to the 3Rs, pillar of the ecological transition:

  • Recycling: our shrink-sleeves, labels without removable adhesive, are in essence packaging and decoration and protection solutions that respect the recyclability of primary packaging. In a global and international approach, we have developed solutions for each of the packaging materials, PET, PP, HDPE, glass, aluminum, and adapted to the specificities of the recycling channels in the world: thus, the LDPET® products, full wrap labels compatible with the closed loop recycling of PET in Europe, offer solutions for all market segments. At Interpack, we will present our Crystal Wash innovation, which offers the same solution for the US PET recycling industry. By offering flexible and efficient equipment with specific modules to implement these innovative products, we offer a global solution to our customers and partners.  
  • Reduce: We are continuously working to enable our customers and partners to reduce the carbon footprint of their products, notably by working on reducing the thickness of our shrink-sleeves. Our equipment benefits from shrink systems designed to reduce energy consumption, without compromising performance.
  • Reuse: the shrink-sleeve, a label without adhesive and removable, allows easy separation from the primary packaging to facilitate its reuse. We have developed perforation systems that simplify the operation. We are integrating more and more certified PCR material in our products, to reinforce the circular economy flows. Finally, the shrink circuits of our equipment are designed to operate in a closed loop, whether in steam or hot air technology.