Sleever committed to PET circularity with PETCORE Europe

Sleever is  strongly committed to respond to the challenges of the ecological transition. As such, we are an active member of Petcore Europe, the association that brings together representatives of the entire PET value chain in Europe. 

Sofiane Mameri, Sustainable Development Manager at Sleever, is also president of the "Labels" working group within Petcore Europe. He moderated the "Labels of the Future" round table at Petcore's annual conference on February 1st, which marks the association's 30th anniversary. He coordinated the exchanges around the central theme: "the PET value chain in a fast-paced environment for circularity", bringing together manufacturers of rigid PET packaging, PET films, and a major player in the beverage market.

As a strong link in the PET value chain to develop packaging circularity for 15 years, Sleever has developed sleeve innovations and equipment to promote the recyclability of PET packaging. 

  • LDPET®, full-body sleeve label, offering a premium 360° decoration, is compatible with all stages of closed-loop PET recycling for a high quality rPET, and has already been chosen by some of the most demanding brands in the mineral water and soft drink industries, winning numerous awards in North America and Europe.
  • Thanks to the vertical integration of the shrink-sleeve technology, unique on the market, Sleever offers its customers a global shrink-sleeve and machinery solution adapted to its different markets, to reconcile sobriety and performance in the implementation: 
  • The LDPET® Steam, designed for the soft drinks, dairy products, personal care and homecare markets, and associated with the Combisteam LDPET, offers performance and optimization of energy consumption
  • Building on this success and experience, Sleever is now launching the first low density "light barrier" sleeve label compatible with PET recycling: LDPET® White Barrier, to protect fresh fruit juices or dairy products.  Brands can thus choose a transparent PET bottle that is easily recyclable in a closed loop, while preserving the organoleptic properties of their light-sensitive products.
  • LDPET is now available for the solid food and cosmetics markets in a LDPET ® Dry-Shrink version, with infrared hot air technology and dedicated equipment, the Combiskinner® LDPET

The LDPET®, a strong link in the recyclability of PET packaging, offers a brand a recyclability solution for their PET packaging, without compromising their sensory image.