A low consumption packaging machine to integrate your PET containers into the circular economy
Combisteam LDPET® FB500 -AI200

Accelerate your ecological transition by integrating your PET bottles into the circular economy

  • Your bottles decorated with an integral sleeve label can enter the PET recycling stream
  • A modular machine designed for high production rates
  • An ergonomically designed sleeve unwind unit for the operator's autonomy and comfort
  • Optimized energy consumption for carbon neutrality


A Combisteam LDPET packaging machine for the sustainable labelling of PET bottles
A machine adapted to new generation films

An innovative technology for the recyclability of your PET bottles

A machine designed to decorate soft drink and liquid food PET bottles of all sizes, from 100ml to 2L, even the most sophisticated shapes. This machine allows for the use of LDPET® product, a shrink-sleeve compatible with the closed-loop PET recycling process (bottle-to-bottle).

An automatic ejection module ensures product conformity at high speeds
Modules designed for the high speeds of the beverage industry

Modularity for performance

To work at high speed in wet conditions, this machine is equipped with modules to guarantee the performance and quality of your products: a drying module at the inlet to facilitate sleeve application, an orientation system for complex shapes, and a control and ejection system. 

A large capacity reel unwind unit ensures the autonomy of the line and the continuity of the production
A large capacity sleeve unwind unit for autonomous use

An ergonomic design for quick and easy reel splicing

This high-capacity unwind unit can handle high sleeving speeds and is designed to accommodate new generation films. Located outside the machine, it offers easy access to the reels, which are positioned at hand level; the splicing table allows for quick and error-free splicing. The overall system provides autonomy and ergonomics, for operator comfort.

A shrink tunnel with reduced energy consumption
Energy consumption adjusted by format

Energy management to reduce the carbon footprint of your products

This exclusive shrink technology combines several systems: the expansion chamber, the height-adjustable tunnel and the steam diffusion system are adjusted to each product to optimize energy consumption. 


A multi-reel unwind unit with automatic junction function
Multi-reel sleeve unwinder unit with automatic splicing

Increase your autonomy for greater productivity

The 6-reel automatic sleeve unwinder unit increases production time with no operator intervention. This time gives you the freedom of action to carry out other tasks and improve productivity.

A camera vision module to detect, orient and align the bottles or containers
Camera vision module for detection and product orientation using belts

The assurance of a well-positioned sleeve label on shaped bottles

A two-step orientation system for shaped bottles. Camera detection combined with software defines the position of the bottle in relation to a mark that is placed on it. The software calculates the necessary correction rotation to obtain the proper orientation. The belts receive the information and correct the rotation of the bottle to ensure its correct positioning in relation to the direction of the sleeve application.

A drying module at the end of the shrink tunnel to eliminate traces of moisture
Drying module at the end of the shrink tunnel

The assurance of a dry product for end-of-line packaging

The drying system allows for the removal of any moisture or condensation from the pack. It guarantees a dry product at the outlet of the machine for end-of-line packaging. It meets CE and UL standards and does not exceed 80 dB in production. 

A coding and marking module for traceability and personalization needs
Coding and traceability module

Product serialization and marking to meet food standards

This module is located in the remote sleeve unwind unit for easy access and control without disrupting production. The coding function for printing the use-by date is also used to ensure product serialization and allows for the tracking of the product throughout its life cycle in accordance with food standards. Several marking technologies are available (laser, inkjet...). 


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Combisteam LDPET® FB500 -AI200 machine


Conveyor height 980 +/- 50 mm
Speed 500 bpm
Cutting diameter 100 mm
Steam consumption 200 Kg/h
Steam pressure 6 - 8 bars
Electrical consumption 12 kW
Machine length 6400 mm
PET Bottles Shapes for the Food and Beverage Market


Materials PET
Shapes Cylindriqcal, square, complex shapes...
Products diameter 45 - 70 mm
Products height 185 - 210 mm
Application of the full-body Shrink Sleeve label and its shrinking on a PET Bottle


Applications Full body, partial sleeve
Type of films TPEG, PET
Films thickness 50 - 65 microns


Packaging shape of drinking yogurt 100ml to 500ml
Drinking yogurt 100ml to 500ml
Drinkable yogurts
(100 ml - 500 ml)
Packaging shape of drinking yogurt 700ml to 1,5L
drinking yogurt 700ml to 1,5L
Drinkable yogurts
(700 ml - 1,5 L)
Packaging shape of mineral flavoured mineral water 370ml to 750ml
flavoured mineral water 370ml to 750ml
Flavoured mineral waters
(370 ml - 750 ml)
Packaging shape of iced infusions 250ml to 370ml
Iced infusions 250ml to 370ml
Flavoured waters
(250 ml - 370 ml)
Packaging shape of coconut water 750ml to 1L
Coconut water 750ml to 1L
Fruit flavoured drinks
(750 ml - 1 L)
Packaging shape of fruit juice 200ml to 1L
fruit juice 200ml to 1L
Fruit juices
(200 ml - 1 L)
Packaging shape of iced tea 400ml to 1,25L
iced tea 400ml to 1,25L
Iced teas
(400 ml - 1,25 L)
Packaging shape of cleaning spray 500ml to 1L
Cleaning spray 500ml to 1L
Kitchen & Bathroom cleaners
(500 ml - 1 L)
PE, Plastics, PET
Packaging shape of Kitchen and Bathroom cleaner 1L to 2L
Kitchen and Bathroom cleaner 1L to 2L
Kitchen & Bathroom cleaners
(1 L - 2 L)
Packaging shape of plant milk  7000ml to 1,5L
plant milk  7000ml to 1,5L
Milk substitutes
(700 ml - 1,5 L)
Plastics, PET
Packaging shape of mineral water 33cl to 1L
mineral water 33cl to 1L
Mineral waters
(330 ml - 500 ml)
Packaging shape of mineral water 330ml
Mineral water 330ml
Mineral waters
(330 ml - )
Packaging shape of iced tea 33cl to 1L
soda 50 cl
Sparkling energy drinks
(33 cl - 1,5 L)
Packaging shape of sparkling flavoured water
sparkling flavored water 50cl
Sparkling flavoured waters
(330 ml - 1 L)