The Combisteam FB400 packaging machine is adapted to your packaging operations in aseptic environment
Combisteam® FB400 -AI200

Aseptic Food Products' Labelling in a wet environment at High Speed

  • Suitable for sleeving products on aseptic filling lines in humid conditions 
  • Frame designed for frequent and aggressive sanitation 
  • Delivers the desired quality and the expected performance at high speed  
  • The required autonomy combined with fast format changes


An equipment equipped with dryers at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, allows to remove all traces of humidity on the bottles to be conditioned
Aseptic filling combined with an efficient labelling solution

Designed for wet working conditions

A watertight structure with a stainless steel frame to withstand humid working conditions, the equipment can be combined with dryers at the entrance and exit of the line to minimize the presence of traces of moisture on the products to be sleeved. This means taking into account the large temperature differences between the filling and sleeving phases.

The packaging equipment can be easily cleaned and accessed thanks to its sleek and efficient casing of the Machine's Modules
Casing for easy access and use during frequent cleaning operations

A machine adapted to fresh products that require a high level of sanitation

This robust machine, which complies with manufacturing standards and sanitary regulations for fresh products, is suitable for frequent and aggressive cleaning. The machine is characterized by total transparency thanks to large doors that give access to all the accessible surfaces: the scrolling plane without any retention zone, frame, applicator head and shrink tunnel. The lifting and lowering system provides full access to ensure complete sanitation of the entire machine.

A control module will eject any bottle detected as not conforming to the production parameters
The performance of your line combined with an efficient control module

A quality control tool for high production rates and multiple formats

A machine designed for high outputs of up to 24,000 bottles per hour, for PET or HDPE containers, equipped with a quality control system that detects specified defects that may occur during production. The non-conforming products are scanned, controlled and rejected via different systems (chute, ejection table or exit conveyor), according to specifications. This ensures performance and guarantees the expected level of quality.

A large capacity magazine ensures a constant supply of Sleeve Labels' Reels for a continuous production
A feed system with a large capacity magazine

A large capacity sleeve unwind unit for controlled reel changes

The large-capacity sleeve unwind unit, combined with a double reel holder, which can be rotated in relation to the machine axis, is fully enclosed, easy to access and has a large capacity. It offers the operator sufficient autonomy and comfort of use to work at high speed.


A Multi-reel magazine increases the autonomy of your operators while ensuring a continuous flow of Sleeve Labels
The Combireel multi-reel sleeve unwind unit increases your autonomy

Operator comfort remains the priority for high-speed lines

This machine comes with a multi-reel system and an integrated automatic splicing function. This guarantees "zero machine downtime". It is specially designed for operators who run a line and allows them to increase their autonomy and productivity gains.

A Marking and Serialization Module to meet your customization or traceability needs
Marking and serialization module

When traceability and unit marking are required in the dairy markets

The marking unit is positioned in the large capacity sleeve unwind module for quick and easy access. It allows for various types of marking or coding to meet the needs for traceability and serialization: printing of use-by date, barcode, batch number, and various information concerning the product. Several printing technologies are available: inkjet, laser... and can be adapted to the line speeds of fresh products markets.

A mobile tool carriage to ensure minimal changeover time between production batches
Tool trolley for your multiple formats

Reduce your format changeover times with the tool trolley

An ergonomic mobile tool trolley, which is light to move, ready for operators, specially designed to store tools and keep them available next to the machine to reduce downtime during format changes. The tools are protected when not in use and when being moved. 


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Combisteam® FB400 -AI200 machine


Conveyor height 980 +/- 50 mm
Speed 400 bpm
Cutting diameter 100 mm
Steam consumption 70 to 300 Kg/h
Steam pressure 6 - 8 bars
Electrical consumption 12 kWH
PET bottle packaging shapes for the dairy and liquid food markets


Materials PET, HDPE
Shapes Cylindrical, square, oval, complex shapes...
Sizes From 100 ml to 2L
Products diameter From 35 to 80 mm
Products height From 90 to 300 mm
sleeving process


Applications Full body
Type of films PET, RPET,...
Films thickness From 40 to 50 microns

Markets & Packagings

Packaging shape of drinking yogurt 100ml to 500ml
Drinking yogurt 100ml to 500ml
Drinkable yogurts
(100 ml - 500 ml)
Packaging shape of drinking yogurt 500ml to 1L
Drinking yogurt 500ml to 1L
Drinkable yogurts
(500 ml - 1 L)
Packaging shape of coconut water 750ml to 1L
Coconut water 750ml to 1L
Fruit flavoured drinks
(750 ml - 1 L)
Packaging shape of fruit juice 250ml to 1.5L
Fruit juice 250ml to 1.5L
Fruit flavoured drinks
(250 ml - 1,5 L)
Packaging shape of functional yogurt 10 to 20cl
functional yogurt 10 to 20cl
Functional yogurts
(10 cl - 20 cl)
Packaging shape of dietary supplements 100ml to 300ml
dietary supplements 100ml to 300ml
Medical food
(100 ml - 300 ml)
Packaging shape of nature milk  70cl to 1,5L
nature milk  70cl to 1,5L
(70 cl - 1,5 L)
Packaging shape of dietary supplements 250ml to 500ml
dietary supplements 250ml to 500ml
Nutrition supplements
(250 ml - 500 ml)
PET, Glass
Packaging shape of soda 50cl to 1.5L
Soda 50cl to 1.5L
Sparkling energy drinks
(50 cl - 1,5 L)
Packaging shape of syrups 600ml to 1,3L
syrups 600ml to 1,3L
Water flavouring
(600 ml - 1,3 L)
PET, Metal

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A packaging machine adapted for high speed production batches in aseptic and humid environments

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