Pack The Future 2023: A recyclable clear PET bottle with white barrier property

LDPET White Barrier, a path forward PET  bottle-to-bottle recycling with the first floatable light barrier shrink-sleeve label  

This prestigious prize rewards LDPET® White Barrier product, the first floatable light-barrier shrink-sleeve label promoting bottle-to-bottle recycling of clear PET bottles. 

Further the success of LDPET, the first full body shrink-sleeve label compatible with bottle-to-bottle PET recycling, SLEEVER is proud to extend the range with LDPET White Barrier, the first low-density "light barrier" shrink-sleeve label. 

Brand image, light-protection and closed-loop  recyclability is now a reality for fresh products packaging. 
LDPET White Barrier preserves the organoleptic properties of the light-sensitive products, and extend their shelf life, whilst remaining  compatible with closed-loop PET recycling: brands owners can thus choose a transparent PET bottle that is easily recyclable in a closed loop.

LDPET White Barrier is compatible with all stages of closed-loop PET recycling: 
It provides a PET optical signature during sorting

  • This low density film separates from PET by flotation
  • The inks used, without bleeding, guarantee non-contamination of the recycling baths

They can also benefit from a full-body decoration that offers visibility and differentiation on the shelf, for a premium image.

With its excellent opacity and whiteness, it offers an effective light barrier, and the printing techniques offer up to 10 colors, for endless creative options. 

To follow LDPET's approval and guidelines compatibility by major recyclers associations APR and EPBP, LDPET White Barrier's endorsement is in progress and will be confirmed during the coming weeks. 

A path forward Carbon Footprint Reduction, a global solution with low carbon impact machinery

To provide brands with a global industrial solution and implement LDPET White Barrier on PET bottles, SLEEVER offers Combisteam LDPET WB equipment, a flexible and low carbon impact equipment, designed for handling new shrink-sleeve labels promoting packaging recycling. 

In line with Sleever's strategy dedicated to the 3Rs, Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse, pillars of the ecological transition, the Combisteam LDPET WB machinery aims at carbon footprint reduction: 

  • Its compact monobloc design offers a reduced footprint, 
  • A low energy consumption offers energy savings by 60% 

A prestigious Award, promoting  plastic packaging innovations
for the circular economy

The PackTheFuture 2023 competition, organized by IK Industrievereinigung Kunstsoffverpackhungen e.V. in Germany and ELIPSO - representing the plastic packaging companies in France, distinguishes the most innovative plastic packaging products for the ecological transition.