A world leading Beauty player chooses LDPET®

After having been chosen by major brands in demanding markets such as mineral waters, and having received numerous awards, LDPET® is now available for the Beauty market to offer a personalization solution for 100% recyclable PET packaging. 

LDPET® allows all bottles to be fully decorated, with a  reinforced brand image, while being compatible with all stages of PET "bottle-to-bottle" recycling:

  • a PET optical signature at the sorting stage
  • a low density film that ensures separation by flotation
  • non-bleeding inks to generate a high quality rPET

L'Oréal Paris, a major global player in Beauty, has chosen LDPET® for its Elseve Bond Repair Pro shampoo for damaged hair. The iconic bottle, made of recycled and recyclable PET, is dressed in white with very premium metallic holographic reflections, thanks to the Sleever Metalfest® product combined with LDPET®. 

A premium and sustainable beauty packaging? This is now a reality with our shrink-sleeve labels that offer premium differentiation and recyclability of primary packaging. For a global solution, we have a range of low consumption equipment, making no compromise on performance, adapted to the specificities of the different formats of cosmetic products: