Customer case: A micro-line for short production chain and direct distribution in dairy markets.


Winfarm® is committed to developing a brand-new franchise concept by integrating dairy processing directly on the farm. This initiative aims to promote short production and distribution chains by offering a wide range of dairy products, from fresh milk to dairy specialties, including yogurts, creams, and desserts.


To adopt a late differentiation strategy while promoting agile and flexible implementation without compromising on performance.

To realize this vision, Winfarm has turned to Sleever® for the design and implementation of a versatile production line capable of handling various shapes and formats, from pots to bottles. This solution enables operators to maintain their operational efficiency while controlling their energy consumption.


Sleever® presents an "all-in-one" solution with its compact-line, COMBISTEAM® GV FB80-A100, offering efficient management of various materials such as PET and HDPE, with capacities ranging from 80 g to 750 ml.

The design of this compact solution is focused on agility, with format changes made in less than 10 minutes. Furthermore, it ensures energy control, with steam consumption of less than 70 kg per hour thanks to an integrated energy generator, thus ensuring optimal autonomy.


A sleeve labeling solution that strengthens the brand identity and allows for late differentiation while adapting to a wide range of products.

This equipment offers easy implementation, meeting the flexibility and agility required by a production compact-line. The necessary energy autonomy is ensured by an integrated generator, with no compromise on energy control.