Combisteam LPPE® FB300 - AI300

Eco-design and recyclability of your PE-PP packaging

  • Bottles decorated with a full-body sleeve label compatible with the recycling stream of PE and PP.
  • Modular equipment designed for speeds of 300 to 350 cpm.
  • Ergonomically designed magazine for operator autonomy and comfort.
  • Optimized energy consumption to move towards carbon neutrality.


Equipment tailored for next-generation films.

Innovative technology to enhance the recyclability of your PE-PP packaging

A machine designed to decorate your jars and bottles, ranging from simple to sophisticated shapes, in the liquid food markets. It accommodates sizes from 50ml to 600ml for savory or sweet sauces, condiments, soups, and drinkable yogurts. This equipment enables the application of LPPE® sleeves compatible with the PE and PP recycling steps.

Modularity serving performance.

Modules designed for high speeds in the liquid food industry.

This machine is equipped with modules to ensure the performance and quality of the output products: orientation device for complex shapes, control and ejection system to ensure zero defects, and a drying module at the exit of the shrink tunnel to facilitate tertiary packaging under optimal conditions.

An ergonomic design for easy and quick reel connections

A high-capacity magazine to ensure autonomy.

With a large capacity, this magazine meets high sleeve scrolling speeds, and its design is tailored for next-generation films. Located outside the machine, it provides easy access to the reels, positioned at a human height. Its connecting table enables quick and error-free connections. Altogether, it ensures autonomy and ergonomics for operator comfort.

Energy consumption tailored to each format.

Energy management to reduce the carbon footprint of your products.

This exclusive shrink technology combines several features: the expansion chamber, the lift-lower system, and the steam diffusion array adjust to each format, with centralized parameter management from the 12-inch HMI. This system optimizes energy consumption.


The Combireel multi-reel magazine increases your autonomy.

Operator comfort remains the priority for high-speed production lines

This equipment comes with a multi-reel device and an integrated automatic connection function, ensuring zero machine downtime. It is specially designed for operators managing a production line, enabling them to increase their autonomy and productivity gains.

Marking and serialization module

When traceability and unit marking are required in food markets

The marking is positioned within the high-capacity magazine module for easy and quick access. It allows various forms of marking or coding to meet traceability and serialization needs: printing of expiration dates, barcodes, lot numbers, and various product information. Multiple printing technologies are available: inkjet, laser, etc., adapting to the line speeds of food markets.

Tool-carrying trolley for your multiple formats.

Master your format changeover times with the carrying trolley.

An ergonomic tool-carrying trolley, lightweight and easy to move, available for operators, specially designed to store your tools and keep them accessible next to the equipment to reduce downtime during format changes. They are protected when not in use and during transportation.


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Conveyor height 980 mm +/- 50mm
Speed 300 cpm
Cutting diameter 100 mm
Steam consumption 300 Kg/h
Steam pressure 6 - 8 bars
Electrical consumption 12 kW/h
Machine length 6400 mm


Materials HDPE- PE
Shapes Cylindrical, square, complex shapes...
Products diameter 45-90 mm
Products height 185 - 210 mm
Sizes 20 cl - 1 l 80 gr - 800 gr


Applications Full body, partial sleeve
Type of films LPPE
Films thickness 50 microns


Packaging shape of butter 250 to 500g
Butter 250 to 500g
Butter & Cheese
(250 g - 500 g)
Packaging shape of chewing-gums 12 to 35g
Chewing-gums 12 to 35g
Confectionary products
(12 g - 35 g)
PP, Metal, Plastics
Packaging shape of sauce 300 to 500g
Sauce 300 to 500g
Cooking preparations & Sauces
(300 g - 500 g)
Packaging shape of ketchup 250 to 750ml
Ketchup 250 to 750ml
Cooking preparations and sauces
(250 ml - 750 ml)
Packaging shape of drinking yogurt 500ml to 1L
Drinking yogurt 500ml to 1L
Drinkable yogurts
(500 ml - 1 L)
Packaging shape of dietary supplements 100ml to 300ml
dietary supplements 100ml to 300ml
Food supplements
(100 ml - 300 ml)
Packaging shape of marmalade 250 to 500g
Marmalade 250 to 500g
Jams, honey
(280 g - 500 g)
Packaging shape of oil & vinegar  500ml to 2L
oil & vinegar  500ml to 2L
Oils & Vinegars
(500 ml - 2 L)
Glass, PET
Packaging shape of spreads 400g to 1kg
spreads 400g to 1kg
(400 g - 1 KG)
Glass, PET