A packaging machine designed to accompany you in your ecological transition
Combiskinner LDPET® FB250 -AI58

Enter the circular economy with a machine dedicated to your dry PET packaging

  • Your product labelled with a full body shrink-sleeve label to enter the post recycling stream (dry food, beauty, pharmceutcial)
  • A modular machine designed for high production rates
  • An ergonomically designed shrink-sleeve unwind unit for the operator's autonomy and comfort
  • Optimized energy consumption for carbon neutrality


An automatic ejection system ensures optimal performance and productivity without line stoppages
Modularity for performance

Modules designed for the speeds required by food, healthcare, and cosmetics markets

This machine is availale with modules to guarantee the performance of your process and quality of your products: an orientation module for complex shapes, and control and ejection module. 

A large capacity unwider ensures the automatic and intuitive connection of reels during production
Handy easy to operate with large capacity to secure the reel changeover

An ergonomic design for quick and easy reel sfeeding, a large capacity sleeve unwind unit for autonomous use

This high-capacity magazine handle your line requirements and is designed to accommodate eco designed shrink-sleeve. Built as a separate module, Iit offers easy access to the reels;the splicing table allows quick and error-free splicing. The overall system provides autonomy and ergonomics for operator comfort.

A shrink tunnel with reduced energy consumption, and adaptable to multiple Formats to maximize the shrinking quality
Close loop shrinking thanks to heat exchangers

Energy management to reduce the carbon footprint of your products

This shrink-sleeve label technology combines several advantages: the infrared technology, the height-adjustable tunnel and the hot air distribution system are adapted to each product to optimize energy consumption. The hot air reintroduced above the heat exchangers at the end of the shrinking process is recycled. This is a closed loop process. The hot air nozzles only provide the additional heat to reach the set temperature and reduce consumption by 50%.

A compact Sleeve packaging machine with an optimized floor space
A machine adapted to the new generation of eco-designed shrink-sleeve

An innovative technology for the recyclability of your dry PET packaging

A machine designed to decorate all full or empty packaging whichare sensitive to humidity for example confectionery, health, and cosmetics products. Flexibility of capacity (100gr to 2kg), and shapes (classic and sophisticated). This machine allows the use of the LDPET DS ® product, a heat-shrinkable shrink-sleeve label dedicated to the recycling of dry PET packaging in closed loop.


A Screw-based orientation module for the Products, allows to guarantee a homogeneous final result on all your products
Product orientation module

The assurance of a well-oriented product

The orientation module in the screws ensures the correct positioning of the PET packaging before the shrink-sleeve is applied. It allows the machine to adapt to specific packaging shapes, for example square or rectangular profiles.

Compact and monobloc packaging machine, composed of two Sleeve application heads followed by a double shrink tunnel
Modular applicator sleeving head and dry shrinking tunnel

With modularity become the key of your performance

This compact monobloc machine, stainless steel, can be equipped with different modules to meet your requirements. With multiple configurations of single or double application modules and single or multiple shrink tunnels.

Marking and serialisation module for shrink sleeve label packaging
Handy and easy access coding modules

When traceability and unit coding are needed

This unit integrated into the reel feeding module for easy access and control. Different types of marking or coding are available: printing of the use-by date, barcode, lot number, and various product information. The technologies chosen are adapted to the line speeds of your products' markets.

An ethernet communication module coupled with an intuitive graphics interface allows to control the whole line and ensure the interconnectivity between the Machines' Modules
Ethernet communication module

For multiple communication uses

This module allows for communication with upstream and downstream machines to regulate the line and improve efficiency. Being connected allows you to open up to the outside world and allows for remote assistance, which can be used for diagnosis and remote intervention if necessary. A solution that optimizes travel costs for certain interventions and saves time.


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Combiskinner LDPET FB300 -AI80


Conveyor height 980 +/- 50 mm
Speed 120 -250 cpm
Cutting diameter 100 - 130 mm
Electrical consumption 15 to 40 KW/h
Machine length 3600 mm
PET packaging Shapes for Confectionary, Healthcare, Cosmetics Market


Shapes Cylindrical, complex shapes...
Product diameter 45 mm - 125 mm
Product height 100 mm - 200 mm
Sizes 20 gr - 2 kg
Material PET
Application of the full-body Shrink Sleeve label and its shrinking on a PET packaging


Applications Full body
Film thickness 20 - 75 microns


Packaging shape of body lotion 250  to 500ml
Body lotion 250  to 500ml
(250 ml - 500 ml)
Packaging shape of face cream 15ml to 50ml
face cream 15ml to 50ml
Face skincare & moisturizing
(15 ml - 50 ml)
Glass, PET, PP, PE
Packaging shape of skincare lotion 5ml to 150ml
face cream 15ml to 150ml
Face skincare & moisturizing
(15 ml - 150 ml)
Glass, PET, PP, Metal
Packaging shape of face cream 15ml to 150ml
face cream 15ml to 150ml
Face skincare & moisturizing
(15 ml - 150 ml)
Glass, PET, PP
Packaging shape of dietary supplements 100ml to 300ml
dietary supplements 100ml to 300ml
Food supplements
(100 ml - 300 ml)
Packaging shape of functional yogurt 10 to 20cl
functional yogurt 10 to 20cl
Functional yogurts
(10 cl - 20 cl)
Packaging shape of oral care 500ml
oral care 500ml
Oral care
(500 ml)
Packaging shape of oral care 500ml tamper evidence
oral care 500ml
Oral care
(500 ml)
Packaging shape of Shower & bath products 400ml to 1L
Shower & bath products 400ml to 1L
Shower & bath
(400 ml - 1 L)