Testing the Industrial feasibility of Shrink Sleeve packaging

Test & Development Lab

You can perform full-scale tests during the development phases in our laboratory in order to validate your project or your new formats. You can also see our equipment in full size.

Machines showroom

Showcase of our equipment and Sleeve Machines' portfolio in our onsite Showroom

A showcase for our equipment

Our laboratory has a showroom where you can discover and test our range of machines and test them in real conditions. 

Customized tests for industrial validation

Live test to validate the shrinking properties and quality of a Shrink Sleeve packaging on bottles

Test your projects in real size

You can test the implementation of your prototypes during the development phases of your new products. You can also test new formats, new films, or new sleeve functionalities (promotional bundles, tamper resistance, full or partial packaging). This will allow you to validate the best industrial solution.