Remote assistance services for your maintenance

Remote Assistance Service

No matter where you are in the world, our remote Assistance service solutions allow you to bridge the distance between your teams and our experts.

You can get an immediate diagnosis, without having to travel, and be provided with a clear solution, support or a remote intervention if needed.

Phone assistance Service

Expert and comprehensive digital remote assistance service

Remote phone assistance service for advice and repairs

We offer phone assistance service to allow your teams to access a telephone hotline, which will directly put them in touch with our mechanical and automation experts (depending on your needs) for advice, diagnosis or an intervention.

Remote assistance Service

A connected and extensive remote assistance service with a tablet device

Remote assistance service through interconnected machines

Through our remote assistance service and interconnected equipment, our engineers and maintenance experts can take control remotely for a limited period, to perform a diagnosis intervention, and provide an immediate solution, or recommend corrective actions to better future-proof the production environment and parameters in order to maximize its efficiency.

Interconnected Machines for an efficient remote assitance service

Remote Assistance with modern connected devices

Our engineers are trained to provide a remote assistance service with connected tools and devices such as enhanced glasses for augmented reality (3d vizualisation) or a remote camera for analysis and intervention.

Our experts can also perform FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) with the help of these tools when necessary.