An Expert and Modern Maintenance Service

Maintenance services

With our equipment maintenance solution: 

  • we proactively take care of your production equipment so that it is operational and provides the best performance
  • we minimize the risk of downtime and in the event of a problem, our qualified service engineers respond as quickly as possible

Thus, we optimize and take over the planning and execution of your maintenance and increase availability by quickly restoring production.  


An expert technician carries out a Maintenance Audit on a Sleeve Applicator Machine

Manufacturer maintenance audits

If you want to have reliable and operational equipment, we can perform a manufacturer's maintenance audit at any time. Each key element of your equipment will be inspected by one of our experts, who will write a complete visit report with a list of recommendations, remarks and suggestions, so that you can make a decision. 

An expert technician performing a preventive maintenance on a piece of equipment

Guarantee performance and avoid production downtime with preventive maintenance

With preventive maintenance, you minimize the number of unplanned machine downtimes, as well as the duration of each planned shutdown. This proactive maintenance significantly reduces your production costs and ensures your line efficiency.  To do that, we can draw up a schedule and support your operators and technicians in its implementation. 

Zoom in on a piece of Industrial Machine equipment

Ensure the technical evolution of your equipment and its durability

After auditing your equipment, our experts propose the safest and most relevant updates for the automation and our mechanical evolutions for performance optimization and compliance with regulations. 


A wide portfolio of digital services and functions for a customized maintenance

A customized service contract

Our global expertise in machine engineering allows us to offer a customized technical support contract, to get the most out of your equipment according to its operating mode, and to optimize your maintenance costs. 
We offer a wide range of services including: telephone assistance, remote assistance, priority call-out, preventive maintenance planning and upgrade proposals depending on the age of your equipment.