Testimony: Boiron Laboratories Impressed by Sleever®'s Expertise


Aurore Clamens, Head of Industrialization, Industrial Performance, and Innovation Department at Boiron Laboratories, reflects on her collaboration experience with Sleever®.


We consulted and selected the Sleever® group to address a Sales issue with one of our throat sprays manufactured in Europe: U.S. regulations require twin tamper-proof packaging, which we were unable to achieve until now. We decided to integrate a shrink sleeve machine into one of our multi-format production lines.


We conducted several tests with Sleever® to identify the sleeve label that met our requirements. The chosen solution is a tamper-proof product named "Seelcap®," implemented by the "Combishrink® TE100-A33" equipment (application and hot air shrink machine).

The challenge lay in integrating this new machine into an existing packaging line, requiring precise adjustments and settings.

Sleever® effectively resolved each issue encountered, and their expertise of the process and consumables was a significant asset. Our teams are highly confident in both the equipment's performance and their future handling: production operators and maintenance technicians greatly appreciated the detailed training and immediate access to documentation.


Sleever® understands the specifics of the pharmaceutical sector and adeptly meets this level of demand. From my perspective as a project leader, Sleever® performance is flawless. We are highly satisfied with the quality of service and support

  • Project design
  • Commercial support
  • Professionalism in implementation and commissioning

Working with a supplier of this caliber is particularly gratifying. Sleever® has a well-structured business approach, making the commissioning phases straightforward.

They truly grasp the constraints and challenges of the pharmaceutical Sector.