Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023: Our shrink-sleeve solutions and equipment for recyclability of all materials

We will be attending Pack Expo Las Vegas, the packaging and packaging processes trade show, which will open its doors on September 11th.

Today, eco-design and reducing carbon footprint are top priorities for brands and their consumers. In response to various markets such as food, household products, hygiene, and personal care, we will be presenting our shrink-sleeve label solutions and equipment. These solutions are tailored to each material that makes up your packaging, including PET, PE-PP, glass, and more.

Our goal is to enable the recycling of your products with our shrink-sleeve labels and contribute to reducing your carbon footprint through competitive, agile, and resource-efficient equipment.

Discover our flagship innovations for product personalization and protection:

To decorate and personalize clear PET bottles, LDPET® Dry-Shrink offers complete coverage, compatible with the transparent PET recycling process, ensuring bottle-to-bottle recyclability without compromising product sensory identity.

LDPET® White Barrier is specifically designed for photosensitive products: it introduces the world's first floatable shrink-sleeve label, offering light barrier protection and full-body coverage for strengthened brand identity.

Our range of equipment, using steam, infrared, or hot air technology, is resource-efficient and contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of products while ensuring performance and agility.

Discover our 2023 innovations:

CrystalWash®: An innovative solution for the ecological transition, specially designed for bottle-to-bottle PET recycling, with technical features meeting the recommendations of recyclers in the North American Market.

LPPE®: Ensures 100% recyclability of HDPE, PE, and PP packaging in the dairy markets while preserving the communicative benefits of shrink-sleeve labels in terms of decoration and personalization.


Our teams will welcome you at our booth located in Hall South, SU 7436, to discuss your projects and our solutions. See you in Las Vegas!