european award for a luxury decoration of a sparkling wine special vintage

A European award for the successful Cousu Main collection

After multiple awards for the first 2 editions of the Cousu Main collection, it is this time a European award that salutes the 3rd edition called "OOTD#3". A "Diamond FTA Award" was offered to our teams, to distinguish the excellence and innovation in the use of flexography. .

This edition, named "Origamix", presents a shimmering and intense color decoration, with a glowing metallic shine, made with our Metalfest® product. The touch and relief effects created by combining the Skinsense® product offer a new dimension to consumers.

With this European Award, it is avery special success story that continues: this exceptional and refined cuvée, which revisits the image of "l'Alsacienne" and writes a story around the link between "Haute Couture" and wine, sees its commercial success grow year after year. It is a creative and fruitful collaboration, which is embedded in time and continuity, between the Cave de Turckheim, the creator William Arlotti who imagined the story and the decorations, and the teams of Sleever, which made these decorations come to life. 

Our warmest thanks to our client and his creator for their trust, and a big bravo to all our teams for their commitment and excellence. 

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