After Unisleeve, SLEEVER® underlines its commitment to quality, securing BRC certification for Sleever GmbH

What are the quality and safety issues for food and drinks brands? 
As part of their international development, food brands must guarantee that they comply with retailers' requirements in terms of food quality and safety.

The BRC standard, an internationally recognized certification
Created by British retailers, it is an international certification for food and drinks  manufacturers that defines a common base of quality and safety requirements. For food and drinks brands, this means easier access to international markets and greater confidence from their customers. 

The SLEEVER® Group is part of a strategy of continuous improvement on a European level, with the BRC certification of 2 subsidiaries dedicated to the food markets

- Unisleeve, located near Le Mans, France, offers its processing and printing expertise to market segments such as beverages, confectionery, sauces, condiments and preparations, as well as dairy products. 
- Sleever GmbH, located near Baden-Baden in Germany, has developed processing and printing know-how dedicated to the dairy, beverage, and wine and spirits markets, especially for Eastern Europe.

These two subsidiaries have obtained the new BRC certification in the category "BRC Global standard for packaging materials" with a class A rating.

This accreditation meets the expectations of the Brands and ensures that they have control over all the processes involved in the safe and hygienic production of packaging for the food markets as a whole.

A collective success
It rewards a process of more than 12 months and the development of a reliable and efficient "Quality" strategy based on the capacity of Sleever group's subsidiaries to meet the quality requirements of their customers, on the development of the know-how and the contribution of each of its employees.