Securing pharmaceutical glass bottles and vials

The formulas of cytotoxic products, intended for targeted treatments, present risks of contamination for medical personnel. 
It is therefore essential to reduce these risks throughout the entire process, from product packaging to transport and handling in the hospital environment, by controlling the risks of breakage of the glass container. 
While protecting the user, the bottle must remain transparent to facilitate the preparation of a homogeneous solution before administration to patients. 

Protecting and securing hospital staff

Optimal protection of clear glass vials with Cytobloc®

Cytobloc®, an exclusive protection solution, composed of a protective sleeve associated with a cup positioned on the base, allows to control the risk of breakage in an optimal way, throughout the process, from packaging to preparation in hospital. 
The risks of contamination of the personnel during these stages are thus extremely reduced.
This product also offers a UV protection allowing the use of white glass, to validate the homogeneity of the preparations. 

Implementation of a unique security and protection solution

The Combiskinner Cytobloc® machine allows the placement of the protective cup and the integral sleeve to ensure optimal protection, meeting the standards of the pharmaceutical industry. 
Its flexibility allows to pack a wide range of capacities, from 2 ml to 100 ml. Its technology guarantees the stability of these light products at high speed.