Shrink-sleeve labels and equipment for decoration and eco-designed promotion

Expo Pack Mexico 2022: innovative and eco-designed shrink-sleeve and machine solutions

We will be at ExpoPack Mexico exhibition, June 14-17, to present our eco-designed shrink-sleeve solutions and equipment to brands looking to accelerate their ecological transition. 

For brands looking for an integral decoration label for their PET packaging, LDPET® offers a full-body, shrink-sleeve label solution that is compatible with the PET recycling stream.
The product has won numerous awards in Europe and North America, is recognized and recommended by the APR, the leading recyclers association in the US, and has already been adopted by major players in the soft drinks market. To implement our full-body shrink-sleeves and LDPET, we offer brands a range of Combisteam LDPET® equipment, designed for the characteristics of this low density film. To reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging, these modular and flexible machines are equipped with energy efficient features. 

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Discover the testimonial of a major player in the mineral water industry and the successful experience of the integration of the Combisteam LDPET. 

The sleeve can also be a solution to boost sales, in the form of a promotional multipack, but eco-design has become an imperative in the development of these operations. 
A law will soon come into force in Mexico requiring 20% recycled material in all plastic packaging: are brands prepared? To anticipate this regulation, we propose a range of eco-designed promotional products, allowing to create multipack of up to 4 units: these eco-designed promotional multipacks contain at least 30% PCR (post-consumer recycled materials), whose origin and percentage are certified by Recyclass, an organization specialized in supporting brands in the eco-design of plastic packaging. 
A range of equipment developed for these eco-designed promotional multipacks allows for optimal implementation: flexible and modular, these machines can be adapted to different multipack configurations and to the characteristics of different markets. 

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To learn more about our eco-designed sleeves and equipment, meet us at Expo Pack Mexico: our teams will be delighted to welcome you at our booth #2612 to discuss your projects.