2 products packaged with a low thickness shrink sleeve label, the LWPET, to accelerate the ecological transition of brands

A major dairy Actor chooses Sleever to accelerate its ecological transition

As part of the acceleration of its ecological transition, Sigma Alimentos, a major player in dairy products in Latin America, has chosen the Combisteam LWPET┬« machine, to dress its products with an integral decoration and reinforce their visibility. 

 This equipment allows the company to optimize its energy consumption, thanks to a shrink tunnel that can be adjusted to each format and a steam consumption regulation system. The Combisteam LWPET equipment responds to the new challenges of the dairy markets, offering increased flexibility in terms of formats, capacities, materials (HDPE and PET) and films, while ensuring an efficiency of 98%, at 600 cpm. 

Sigma Alimentos will also be able to use new generation films, including LWPET®, with a 50% reduction in thickness, to further reduce its carbon footprint.

Acceleration of the ecological transition, premium differentiation, flexibility and performance: this is the winning choice of Sigma Alimentos, in line with the challenges of its market and its commitments.