Combisteam packaging machine
Combisteam® FB80 -70

The Equipment for the Full Body Decoration of Complex shapes' Products

  • A compact machine, which can be integrated into low speed packaging lines for the food, hygiene and cleaning products
  • An operator-friendly graphic panel 
  • A modular and adjustable feeding system
  • A unique and innovative steam shrinking tunnel design


Combisteam low tunnel packaging machine
A monobloc structure for optimized floor space

An ultra-compact, all-stainless steel machine with a 360° casing

An all stainless steel monobloc structure offering an optimized footprint: it includes the applicator head, a shrink tunnel equipped with a height-adjustable system and the electrical cabinets,. This machine meets the expectations of brands and subcontractors for the processing of full or empty packagings, from 50 ml to 2L, in plastic, glass or metal for containers (aerosol, can, jar or bottle).

dashboard machine
Intuitive graphical touch interface

A large touch screen that makes it easy to understand and control the machine

The operator controls all the supervision functions throughout production with a large screen featuring a user-friendly graphic interface. 

A remote, adjustable and multifunctional sleeve unwind unit

Easy access, orientation and multiple functions to suit your line

Operators have easy access to the loading station which is positioned at standard operator height.  The sleeve unwind unit can be fully rotated for better ergonomics and can be upgraded to integrate optional features: splicing table, multi-reel holder, marking or micro-perforation...

product with shrink sleeve
Steam shrink tunnel with controlled energy consumption

Optimize your carbon footprint, control your energy consumption

The unique and innovative design of the steam shrink tunnel minimizes energy consumption through the combination of three key elements: a height -adjustable system, a steam diffusion system and an expansion chamber, all of which are sized for each format. This allows for a controlled and repeatable quality of finish. 


plastic bottle on packaging line
Simplicity of implementation for new formats

The modular machine for multi-formats

With its modular design, this machine can accommodate multiple product formats, offering easy changeovers without tools or adjustments. The operator is completely autonomous and can complete the changeover in a matter of minutes.

tooling cut
Splicing table

The quality of the reel splice is a key element of your productivity

When changing reels, the quality of the reel splice is a guarantee of productivity. The splicing table is equipped with a double locking system, a secure cutting tool, and an adhesive tape dispenser. This brings comfort and safety to your operator. 

product with shrink sleeve
Multiple checks for a product of high quality

A guaranteed and constant level of quality

An inline control module integrated in the monobloc structure, before the shrink chamber, provides a reliable and efficient solution with its multi-check system. Very flexible, it also adapts to the multiple shapes and materials of your packaging.  


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Combisteam® FB80 -70 machine


Conveyor height 980 +/- 50 mm
Speed 80 - 150 bpm
Cutting diameter 100 mm - 130 mm
Steam consumption From 50 to 150 kg/h
Steam pressure 6 - 8 bars
Electrical consumption 9 kW/h
multiple container


Materials Glass, plastics, metal...
Shapes Cylindrical, oval, square, complex shapes
Sizes From100 mll to 2L
Products diameter From 35 to 128 mm
Products height From 35 to 300 mm
sleeving process


Applications Full body
Type of films PET, RPET ...
Films thickness From 40 to 90 microns
Finishing Neutral, printed effects, opaque...

Markets & Packagings

Packaging shape of body lotion 250  to 500ml
Body lotion 250  to 500ml
(250 ml - 500 ml)
Packaging shape of ketchup 250 to 750ml
Ketchup 250 to 750ml
Cooking preparations and sauces
(250 ml - 750 ml)
Packaging shape of dish soap 500ml to 1L
Dish soap 500ml to 1L
Dish washing product
(500 ml - 1 L)
Packaging shape of hairspray 50 to 200ml
hairspray 50 to 200ml
Hair styling
(50 ml - 200 ml)
Packaging shape of marmelade 190 to 500g
Marmelade 190 to 500g
Jams, honey
(190 g - 500 g)
Glass, PET
Packaging shape of marmelade 250 to 500g
Marmelade 250 to 500g
Jams, honey
(280 g - 500 g)
Packaging shape of cleaning spray 500ml to 1L
Cleaning spray 500ml to 1L
Kitchen & Bathroom
(500 ml - 1 L)
PE, PET, Plastics
Packaging shape of oil & vinegar  500ml to 2L
oil & vinegar  500ml to 2L
Oils & Vinegars
(500 ml - 2 L)
Glass, PET
Packaging shape of oral care 500ml
oral care 500ml
Oral care
(500 ml)
Packaging shape of Sanitary cleaners 700ml to 1L
Sanitary cleaners 700ml to 1L
Sanitary cleaners
(700 ml - 1 L)
Packaging shape of Shower & bath products 400ml to 1L
Shower & bath products 400ml to 1L
Shower & bath
(400 ml - 1 L)

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